Impress your website visitors (customers) with an amortization / mortgage calculator that instantly calculates the monthly payment on their home mortgage loan or auto loan. The mobile-friendly widget works well on desktops, tablets or phones; it adapts itself to the your website’s layout and user device’s screen size. It can fit in your website’s sidebar, can be embedded within the main content or can be on its own page. This free amortization calculator widget has been implemented based on software best practices and designed for maximum usability. The widget has been thoroughly tested in all browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on multiple desktop & mobile operating systems. We have tried our best to ensure that the widget does not negatively impact your website’s functionality. The code has been optimized for faster loading and will not slow down your website.

Responsive Mortgage Calculator Widget
Responsive Mortgage Calculator Widget

Copy the code below and insert it into your webpage. If you face any issues or have a request for customization, please leave a comment below with your query. We will assist you in integrating the widget on your website.

Mobile-friendly Mortgage Calculator Widget

<!-- Amortization Calculator Widget START --><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script><div id="acww-widgetwrapper" style="min-width:250px;width:100%;"><div id="acww-widget" style="position:relative;padding-top:0;padding-bottom:280px;height:0;overflow:hidden;"></div><div id="acww-more" style="background:#333;font:normal 13px/1 Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, Sans-serif;padding:10px 0;color:#FFF;text-align:center;width:100%;clear:both;margin:0;clear:both;float:left;"><a style="background:#333;color:#FFF;text-decoration:none;border-bottom:1px dotted #ccc;" href="" title="Mortgage Calculator" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a></div></div><!-- Amortization Calculator Widget END -->

Mortgage Calculator – WordPress Plugin

Download WordPress plugin to insert amortization calculator in your post content without editing your theme files. Upload the zip file and activate the plugin to use the below shortcode. Read plugin documentation for step-by-step instructions. Use the following shortcode:

[amortizationcalc format=”mobile-friendly”][/amortizationcalc]

19 responses to “Mobile-friendly Mortgage Calculator Widget

  1. Hello! I am trying to embed this on my weebly website but weebly is not showing the calculator once I paste the code…any help? Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great plugin. Is there any way how to “translate“ this plugin to another language? I can do it by myself, I just need little help where can I find the texts, which are visible on front-end like “Loan Amount“ and so. Thank you very much.

  3. Great code and works on WIX however it is not mobile friendly on Wix. Is there a fix for it? It shows the selections but it does not display results

  4. Hi,
    I absolutely love this calculator, but I am having trouble embedding it into my wordpress site. I’ve successfully and installed and activated the widget, but only the “us mortgage calculator” link appears.

  5. Is there any kind of Joomla plugin for this, I cant get it to embed correctly in a wrapper, But still a very impressive piece… 🙂

  6. HI, It was working fine for months with my Wix website and now for some reason it is not working, I have updated the latest code and inputted it but still the same. I have tried both firefox and google chrome browsers as well. Please advise, thank you

  7. I’ve successfully and installed and activated the widget, but only the “us mortgage calculator” link appears.

  8. Hi, I can see the widget coming up in my Wix editor, however on the live site it doesn’t show. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!

  9. I’ve added the code to my WIX site, shows up in the editor but now in the live website. Help. I’m seeing others are having the same issue but not seeing any answers with a solution.

  10. Hey, just an idea, but can you identify a way to calculate eventual payoff once PMI is done but the amount that was paid for PMI is transitioned to the principle?

  11. So I’m trying to figure out How much money i can put in my pocket with an investment property. Assume i use the standard mortgage calculator to find payment etc. Then plug in the assumed sale price after i live in the property and make payments for one year, two years, etc. All this while accounting for capital gain tax and info attached like, “if you sell after this date you’ll save $x’s in cg Trac”.

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